Thai massage

Thai massage

Thai massage

Thai (Yoga) Massage - Nuad Bo-Rarn

Jane is currently not offering Thai massage and will update when this changes.
Jane is now certified by ITM International Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in Level I and Level II Intermediate Thai Massage and Level III Advanced Sen - Energy Lines Thai Massage.
Having trained with Brian Cooper to Thai massage level one in October 2017.
She is now offering 60 minute massages for £50 at her space in Street, or £60 if travelling to your home.

Thai massage has been described as "having yoga done to you"! During a session, in which you wear loose, comfortable clothing, Thai massage works on the layers of muscle, fascia and connective tissues, as well as deep into the organs of the body, while also balancing the flow of energy within the body through pressure on energy lines. This is a whole body massage helping the body and mind to feel relaxed, yet energised, and infused with a general sense of well-being.

Jane's years of experience as a hands-on yoga teacher help to make her an intuitive and effective practitioner of Thai massage.

To make a booking email Jane at

"it is a lovely thing to  receive and I'd like to give the gift of Thai massage to everyone! It felt very healing." Claire

"Better than anything I had in Thailand...very good!" Jan

"Very comprehensive and methodical - it feels like my legs are glowing!" David